These classes focus (you want to show you have many classes) on improving conversation, and are (try not to use ‘but’ when selling something, as it is a negative word) carefully balanced with important grammar elements to accelerate progress.  We have proven methods of injecting (I think the better word choice since you use ‘infused’ below important grammar points and vocabulary in conversation practice so that learners are able to improve quickly. ents I presume you didn’t mean for this to be there, so I don’t know what you are trying to say) for both conversation and writing (emails, business letters, reports, etc.).


Business English

A conversation-based (hyphenated) class focusing on the employees’ workplace, roles, (comma to separate roles and responsibilities) and responsibilities and their position in the business world. This is infused with grammar elements for both conversation and writing (emails, business letters, reports, etc.). ents (same as above, plus you have it twice in this paragraph in the brochure) for both conversa­tion and writing (emails, business letters, reports). (I don’t think you should have the same sentence in two or more paragraphs, as you have this same sentence in ‘Conversation’).



With a strong emphasis on grammar, this class will prepare lear­ners to be better writers in the business world. They will feel more comfortable and confident with their writing skills: e.g. proper form of ‘example’: busi­ness emails, reports, cover letters and other formal documents more detail, PowerPoint presentations, etc.


Management/Business Executives and Owners

This course caters to employees in management and/or HR posi­tions (no comma) and business professionals who need specific language in order to communicate effectively as high level professionals (plural). Our team of instructors will help prepare managers/directors to ef­fectively lead meetings, give presentations (excellent tools and methods taught for PowerPoint presentations), and conduct in­terviews.


Pronunciation and Listening

This class focuses on pronunciation and listening comprehension. Individuals will learn to pick up key words and phrases for impro­ved listening and understanding.  Students will also learn specific methods to improve pronuncia­tion, intonation and tone. This class is aimed towards accent reduction and developed listening comprehension.