Partenaire Linguistique des Entreprises

Partenaire Linguistique des Entreprises

Join us for an English Conversation Class over drinks! Each one of these monthly sessions will have a different topic/theme and will take place from 6 to 9 pm.

Learn the skill of everyday conversation with these 5 à 7 classes conducted by professionally qualified English teachers, and improve your English skills in one sitting! This evening’s theme will be learning how to 'small talk'.

Over the years, the majority of second language speakers, intermediate and advanced alike have expressed that one of their biggest challenges is gaining confidence to freely speak in an all English environment. The reality is that a large part of our ability to speak well comes with confidence. It has been proven that we could increase fluency at any level but we absolutely need the confidence to build on this. This is what sparked the idea of a conversation class, 5-7 style. The objective is to provide a casual, fun and safe setting where learners know they are all in the same boat. The learners will be surrounded by English speakers as well as professional teachers from PLE who will carefully facilitate conversation. We have planned a program to maximize conversation and learning in this setting and actually teach important points that are taught in a professional English class. We travel to company sites to deliver top quality language classes, and now we are taking our expertise outside of the classroom and into a 5 à 7 environment!

There will be one qualified PLE English teacher per groups of up to five learners. The evening will consist of various conversation topics, small and big group activities/games to maximize interaction. Learners will have a take home package with useful grammar points, expressions, and tips pertinent to the theme of the evening.

Suggested levels: intermediate to advanced.

Next Session: Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Location: Downtown Montreal (1420 Peel Street, Montreal QC)

Cost: $50 per person


*This class may be fundable through some places of work under the English training program. Please ask your HR representative as this is considered legitimate Corporate English class (Accreditation number will be provided to individuals).

For all inquiries, please feel free to contact us at, or call (514) 582-7449.

If you are interested, please get tickets on this site or you can call (514) 582-7449.

This event is organized and hosted by PLE Inc (